smart control window cleaning tool

A smart control window cleaning tool is a type of window cleaning device that typically consists of a motorized unit with a cleaning pad or brush on one side and a vacuum suction mechanism on the other. The device is designed to clean windows or other smooth surfaces automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

The "smart control" aspect of the device usually refers to the ability to control the cleaning operation remotely, typically through a smartphone app or other remote control mechanism. This can include features such as setting the cleaning schedule, controlling the speed and direction of the cleaning motion, and monitoring the progress of the cleaning operation.

Overall, smart control window cleaning tools are intended to provide a more efficient and convenient way to clean windows, especially in hard-to-reach or high-rise areas.

Automatically Smart Window Clean Robot

Our MT-07 robot window cleaner enables you to wash your outdoor and indoor windows with ease, even those that are hard to access. This smart gadget can typically clean an entire window from end to end. And then, it’ll alert you once it’s done with the task.

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