Portabel Wrinkles and Fine Lines Removal RF EMS Eye Beauty Device

90KHz Smart Rf Warm Temperature Control Ems Eye Massage Pen

1. RF 90KHz wave reaches the dermis, activates collagen, reduces eye fine lines

2. Micro-current lifts and tightens the skin and removes dark circles and eye bags

3. The gold-plated lead-in heads help the efficient absorption of eye cream 

4. Metal cabinet, unique gradient color design, and good touch feeling

5. One-touch operation, three adjustment gears, smart power off for 10 minutes

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The Feature of RF Eye Beauty Device (BM12) :


1. A radio frequency (RF) 90 kHz wave reaches the dermis, activates collagen and reduces fine lines.

Thanks to radio frequency technology, the device gently stimulates dermal activity and kick-starts the natural production of collagen to improve your skin's contours and overall condition, as well as diminish fine lines and wrinkles.


2. EMS microcurrent tightens the skin and removes dark circles and eye bags.

With the EMS Lifting and Firming technology, your face will feel the relaxing and tightening experience. Our device allows you to fight ageing and fatigue, remove dark circles and eye bags, and more.


3. The 24K pure gold-plated lead-in heads help absorb the cream.

Gold plating enhances the electrodes' conductivity, allowing for better delivery of radiofrequency energy into the skin, promoting the absorption of the effective ingredients of eye cream, essence oil, liquid, emulsion, and other creams. Additionally, gold has antimicrobial properties, reducing the risk of skin irritation or infection.


4. Metal cabinet, gradient colour design, and good touch feeling

The initiative fashion design with a metal cabinet and unique gradient colour makes the users fondle admiringly, and you will have a good touch.


5. Three levels and smart power off for 10 minutes

You can adjust the power with three gears, and it can be applied to sensitive skin. The smart power-off makes it safer to use.































































































































































































































Tips for Using RF Eye Beauty Device (BM12):


Read and follow the instructions carefully. Make sure you understand how to use the device properly before starting. If you are unsure, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

1. Clean your skin: Before using the device, cleanse your face thoroughly to remove any makeup, oil, or dirt. This will help the device glide smoothly over your skin and improve its effectiveness.


2. Use a serum or cream: Apply a small amount of eye serum or cream to the area around your eyes before using the device. This will help lubricate the skin and enhance the effectiveness of the device.


3. Use the device gently: Don't press the device too hard against your skin, and don't use it for too long in one spot. Move it around gently in circular motions, following the contours of your eye area.


4. Start with a lower setting: If your device has adjustable settings, start with the lowest setting and work your way up gradually. This will help you avoid any discomfort or irritation.


5. Use regularly: Consistency is key when using an eye wrinkle remover device. Use it regularly as directed and be patient; it may take several weeks to see results.


6. Clean the device: After each use, clean the device with a soft, damp cloth or as directed by the manufacturer. This will help keep it in good condition and prevent the buildup of bacteria.

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