4 Colors Photon Treatment Skin Rejuvenating Electric Face LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

4 Colors Photon Treatment Skin Rejuvenating Electric Face LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

1. 4 modes to treat a myriad of skin problems

2. 3 adjustable intensities of each light

3. Silicone material: Surface stains are easy to clean

4. Smart power off for 10 minutes to prevent overuse

5. Yellow light mode, green light mode, red light mode, orange light mode

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The Feature of 4 color LED Facial Mask (BM20)


1. Get a Dermatologist-Grade Facial at Home

Treat your entire face with this affordable skincare device as you would with an esthetician's client. LED Light Therapy has been shown to accelerate tissue repair, improve hyperpigmentation, boost collagen production, & smooth fine lines & wrinkles while balancing oily skin and fighting the causes of blemishes. Our light therapy mask helps with increasing skin elasticity, shrinking pores & calming sensitive skin.


2. Unlock your Skin Secrets with LED Light

This light therapy mask provides you with 4 modes and 5 different colors of light wavelengths to treat a myriad of skin problems. Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, increases blood circulation, and improves skin elasticity production. Green light therapy improves skin dullness targets, brightens, and even skin tone. Yellow light therapy inhibits melanin production and reduces dark spots and blemishes. Orange light therapy promotes metabolism and revitalizes, and smoothens skin.


3. 354 LED Therapy Beams

The LED light therapy mask uses food-grade silicone and 354 pcs of 99% purity infra LED beams with no UV. We have 60 light beads, and every little lamp bead contains 6 chips, the total is 6 chips*59 beads=354 chips. The light is more intensive and covers the whole face. Our LEDs Face & Neck Mask is suitable for all skin types & allows you to enjoy all the powerful healing effects of LED light without UV exposure. Made out of high-quality medical-grade LEDs, this ergonomically designed beauty device with red light & blue light is safe & comfortable and will deliver long-term results from the comfort of your home.


4. Fit Your Face and Easy to Carry

Unlike many other LED face light therapy devices, our product is designed with the best flexible silicone material for your face, making it soft, comfortable, reusable, and foldable. We can carry it when we travel. And that wraps perfectly around the face, it won't fall easily like a normal plastic mask. which means the light can penetrate every area of the skin and is suitable for different size faces. Wear it, beauty is as simple as sleeping, and let your skin fully absorb energy from a deeper level.


5. Simple and effective improvement

Specially designed for facial beauty, our masks are soft and comfortable, suitable for all skin types. Just use it 3-5 times a week for 15-30 minutes and expect to see visible skin improvement in about 4 weeks. Consistent daily use will give you a new revitalized face.


Four LED Therapy Modes

1. Yellow light mode: green 455nm + yellow 595nm; orange 600nm; near-infrared 850nm; accelerate blood circulation; promote skin tissue activation.


2. Green light mode: green 455nm + yellow 595nm; orange 600nm; near-infrared 850nm; brighten and even skin tone; improve skin dullness.


3. Red light mode: red 620nm + 660nm, orange 600nm, near-infrared 850nm, stimulates collagen production and is helpful to shrink pores.


4. Orange light mode: red 620nm + 660nm, green 455nm + yellow 595nm, orange 600nm, near-infrared 850nm, deals with melanin problems, promotes metabolism, and lightens dark spots.



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