Hot and Cold Compress Ion Essence Infusing Home Use Beauty Instrument

Hot and Cold Compress Ion Essence Infusing Home Use Beauty Instrument

1. Heating therapy promotes the absorption

2. Cooling therapy shrinks pores, locks skincare essence 

3. Ion hyper-infusion technology drives essence deeper into your face  

4. Sonic vibration massage effectively relaxes the skin

5. Exquisite design and is suitable for all kinds of skin.

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The Feature of Hot and Cold Ion Beauty Device (BM30)


1. Heating therapy promotes absorption.

The heating temperature is 40°C–44°C; it helps to soften the skin, enhance the absorption of skincare nutrients, promote blood circulation, and make the skin more elastic and moist.


2. Cooling therapy shrinks pores and locks in skincare essence.

The cooling temperature is 4°C–8°C; it helps to shrink pores, lock skincare essence, eliminate puffiness, calm and tighten skin, improve skin texture, and remove fine lines and wrinkles.


3. Ion hyper-infusion technology drives essence deeper into your face.

The device forms a current loop between itself and your body when working. Ionic infusion therapy facilitates the absorption of essences for an even more effective result.


4. Sonic vibration massage effectively relaxes the skin.

High-frequency vibration at 8000 times per minute stimulates skin cells and promotes blood circulation to relieve fatigue and rejuvenate the facial complexion.


5. Exquisite design and suitable for all kinds of skin.

A unique massage head design that fits every curve of the face is safe for any skin type, such as aging, dry, oily, sensitive, or normal skin.



How to Use it


1. Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to switch on the machine. The default switch-on mode is the cooling mode (cooling + negative ion therapy + vibration) with blue indicate light; After use, wipe the toning head clean with a paper towel, and dry before storing. The device must be air dried or wiped dry, and avoid sun exposure. Do not rinse the device.


2. When the product is out of power, the indicated red light flashes 5 times and then switches off; when charging, the product flashes red, slow, and breathing light; when fully charged, the indicated light remains red.


3. Short press to switch to heating mode (heating + negative ion therapy + vibration) with red indicate light;


4. Press the button again to switch between cooling and heating modes;


5. Two short presses in succession to switch to vibration; Note: The product should not be used while charging.


6. Press again and hold for 1.5 seconds to switch off;



Why Choos MTIMES as Your Beauty Instrument Factory


1. Elevating Beauty with Customized Solutions

MTIMES takes pride in offering tailored home-use beauty devices that cater to the unique needs and specifications of its clients. Understanding that every individual and every beauty salon is distinct, they design and develop machines that align precisely with the desired outcomes.


2. Cutting-edge Technology for Lasting Results

One of the hallmarks of MTIMES is its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology in its RF beauty device. These machines employ state-of-the-art radio frequency technology, which is safe, non-invasive, and highly effective in stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity.


3. A Partner in Beauty Transformation

MTIMES isn't just a supplier of RF beauty machines; they are a dedicated partner in the journey towards enhancing beauty and restoring confidence. Their customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence make them the preferred choice for those in the beauty and aesthetics industry.


5. Exceptional Quality and Reliability

Quality is at the core of MTIMES' business ethos. They adhere to stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that each home-use beauty device meets industry standards and excels in performance and durability.


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