Red Blue Photon Cold Heating Compress Ion Skin Care beauty device for Facial Mask

Red Blue Photon Cold Heating Compress Ion Skin Care beauty device for Facial Mask

1. Accelerating the Absorption effects of a facial mask in only 90 seconds

2. Sonic Vibration and ionic Infusing therapy facilitate absorption

3. Thermo therapy promotes absorption, cryo therapy shrinks pores

4. Red light smooths the skin, and Blue light diminishes inflammation

5. Waterproof rate, Large battery capacity, Food grade silicone 

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The Feature of UFO Facial Mask Device (BM42)


1. Hyper-infusion technology drives mask essence deeper into your face.

Ionic Infusing Therapy and sonic technology facilitate the absorption of mask essences for an even more effective result, help relax facial muscles, and reduce puffiness.


2. Multi-spectrum LED light therapy boosts circulation and skin radiance.

Red light therapy (wavelength: 630 nm) stimulates skin cells to secrete collagen, reduce wrinkles, and make skin more elastic and smooth.

Blue light therapy (wavelength: 450 nm) adjusts skin sebum secretion, effectively removes acne, diminishes inflammation, and tightens loose skin.


3. Thermotherapy promotes absorption; cryotherapy shrinks pores.

Gentle warming helps to soften and prep the skin, infusing mask ingredients deeper. Refreshing cooling shrinks the appearance of pores and seals the active mask ingredients. Firming and toning the facial contours


4. Imported food-grade silicon materials from dow corning.

The silicon brush is made of food-grade silicone, which is safe, soft, and bacteria-resistant.


5. Fashionable and IPX7 waterproof design.

A perfect palm-fitted, circular shape ergonomically designed to fit facial curvatures Excellent waterproof performance allows usage in the shower and bath.



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