The Multifunctional RF-EMS-LED Beauty Rejuvenator and Facial Contour Sculptor

Elevate Your Skincare: 5-in-1 Advanced Technology for Youthful, Radiant Skin

This device combines multiple technologies for comprehensive skincare:

  1. RF technology stimulates collagen regeneration and enhances skincare absorption.
  2. EMS micro-current firms and lifts sagging skin by stimulating facial muscles.
  3. LED therapy uses red light (620-760nm) to improve skin tone and elasticity, while blue light (420-500mm) treats acne and balances sebum production.
  4. SEP mode mimics fingertip massage to rejuvenate skin cells and relieve stress.
  5. The device features a fashionable design with Austrian rhinestones and IML colors, offering a pleasant user experience.


With 9 electrodes for enhanced effectiveness, this multi-functional device addresses various skincare concerns, from anti-aging to acne treatment, while providing a relaxing experience.

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1.RF technology penetrates deep into the skin for collagen regeneration:

Innovative RF radio frequency electroporation technology gently stimulates the dermal layer through the thermal effect of radio frequency, enlarging the intercellular space and promoting collagen regeneration. At the same time, it is superimposed with 3MHz high-frequency oscillation, effectively improving the skin's absorption of skincare essences, allowing skincare ingredients to penetrate the dermal layer and enhancing the skincare effect.


2.EMS micro-current firms and lifts sagging skin:

Adopting advanced EMS micro-current technology, it simulates a gradual lifting and tightening pulse to deeply stimulate facial muscles, promoting muscle contraction and relaxation, reshaping and tightening facial contours, lifting sagging skin, and making the skin more firm and elastic.


3.LED red and blue light therapy improves skin tone and reduces acne:

Red light wavelength 620nm-760nm, gently nourishes the skin, improves dullness, and brightens the skin tone. It also promotes blood circulation, accelerates collagen regeneration, making the skin more delicate and elastic, and reducing fine lines. It is suitable for people whose skin feels tired due to aging. Blue light wavelength 420mm-500mm, effectively soothes acne and pimples, repairs damaged skin, promotes sebum secretion balance, and creates healthy and flawless pure skin. It is suitable for people troubled by acne and other skin problems.


4.SEP mode soothes and rejuvenates tired skin cells:

Innovative SEP intelligent dynamic electrical pulse technology simulates the frequency of fingertip massage, gently stimulates the skin, awakens tired skin cells, relieves stress, and relaxes the body and mind.


5.Fashion design and good touch feeling, 9 electrodes bring greater effect.

The initiative fashion design with Austrian rhinestones and unique IML(In Mold Labeling) fantasy colors, makes the users fondle admiringly. You will have a good touch feeling as well.

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