Mtimes Professional 22m/s Super Wind Speed Negative Ion Electric High Speed Hair Dryer

Mtimes Professional 22m/s Super Wind Speed Negative Ion Electric High Speed Hair Dryer

1. 120000 rpm brushless motor with 22m/s wind speed to rival with Dyson

2. 100 million negative ion generator to prevent static electricity fuzziness

3. 66db noise, lower than Dyson’s 79db

4. Fashion design with LED ring gear display

5. NTC temperature control sensor to protect hair

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The Features of Our Self-developed High-speed Hair Dryer:


1. High-Speed Brushless Motor and Fast Drying

Our hair dryer is equipped with a 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor, and the wind speed reaches 22 m/s.Strong airflow can dry hair in a short time, which is 2x faster than traditional hairdryers. Usually, it takes 2–8 minutes to dry hair, depending on hair length and thickness.


2. Intelligent Temperature Control

We have the newest intelligent chip that enables real-time temperature monitoring 100 times per second to calibrate the air temperature of the air outlet and ensure a stable air temperature.


3. 3-Colour LED Ring Light and Low Noise

You can turn the LED ring into different colors by switching the heat button. Show you the exact temperature of the air blown out. Red indicates hot air, purple is warm air, and blue is cold air. Press the instant cold key directly to enter cold air mode. The noise of the ionic hair dryer is only 68 dB when working and will not disturb your family's rest.


4. Million Negative Ion Technology

Tensky blowdryers generate 100 million negative ions to prevent any unwanted flyaways. Moisture-rich ions are infused into each strand of hair, boosting the shine, smoothness, and overall health of your hair, helping to eliminate static and smooth frizz, tighten the hair scales, and make hair soft and shiny.


5. Safe and Lightweight

Our hairdryer weighs only 550 g, is small and portable, and is ideal for home and travel. The ergonomic design, simple button, and 360° rotating magnetic nozzle make the blow dryer easy to use. The magnetic filter prevents hair from entering the air duct, and the filter mesh is very close and won't suck hair. A portable hair dryer is also safe for kids and pregnant moms.


The Innovations  of our self-developed high-speed hair dryer are:


1. The actual wind speed reaches 21.8 m/s at the highest level, about the same speed as Dyson.


2. The noise level at 30cm from the dryer is 68 dB, about 8–10 dB lower than other hair dryers.


3. The NTC temperature sensor keeps the wind temperature lower than 150 °C to avoid hair damage.


4. A 100-million-level negative ion generator to smooth the hair and avoid fuzziness


5. Double overheat shutdown protection for safety.


6. A double-layer PCB board to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements


7. Massive, stable, and concentrated high-speed wind to dry hair faster with a lower temperature, to avoid hair damage caused by high temperatures.


8. Innovative reverse wind function to clean the information net to avoid wind speed decreasing after a period of use


9. An optimized wind passage structure for higher wind speed and lower wind noise is patented in China.


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